hi folks, I am running into an issue trying to dep...
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hi folks, I am running into an issue trying to deploy datadog helm chart on AWS EKS :
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kubernetes:<http://helm.sh/v3:Release|helm.sh/v3:Release> (eks-datadog-agent):
    error: can't create Helm Release with unreachable cluster: unable to load schema information from the API server: the server has asked for the client to provide credentials
Looking for some guidance here!
Make sure you instantiate a k8s provider that points at the k8s cluster you are using and pass that provider to the helm.v3.Release resource. This example shows how to do this - it’s for a Helm.v3.Chart resource, but it’s the same idea. https://github.com/pulumi/examples/tree/258d3bad0a00020704743e37911c51be63c06bb4/classic-azure-ts-aks-mean
Thank you @witty-candle-66007. Let me check and get back
yea, seems like there was a problem with my Kubeconfig. I pointed it to the correct one and it went through
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