Hi, after doing a Pulumi refresh on a stack with v...
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Hi, after doing a Pulumi refresh on a stack with very few changes, Pulumi now wants to replace all the resources in the stack because all the auto generated suffixes have changed. Has anyone seen something like this before? All my other stacks are OK and didn't have the same problem. What's keeping track of the auto-generated suffixes?
The suffixes shouldn't affect this, as the only important fields are the Pulumi name (which Pulumi uses to identify the in-state object to compare), and the cloud identifier. Generally, the field with the suffix is the user-visible name, not the Pulumi or provider ID.
This seems to be an issue with the latest version of Pulumi. I've managed to trigger this on two different stacks. The plugins are the same versions, the only change is Pulumi version. Suddenly it wants to replace all resources. The only way to fix it was to revert to a previous version of the stack and try with the previous version of Pulumi. After everything was applied, it was OK to upgrade to the latest version. Very strange.
For reference, it has been confirmed that it's a bug introduced in Pulumi 3.5.2.