Hi contributors (and potential contributors)! We’...
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Hi contributors (and potential contributors)! We’re going to start having a monthly contributor community meeting to help facilitate communication between all of you and our internal contributors, and all contributors and potential contributors are invited to come participate! The meeting will happen at 10a Pacific on the second Wednesday of every month for the rest of the year, starting with our first meeting on 13 July 2022 at 10a PDT. The meeting will be recorded and published publicly on YouTube. This meeting is focused on the open-source community and contributions. The agenda is driven by contributors (that's you!), and it will focus on any and all open-source projects related to Pulumi and the Pulumiverse, including community integrations and other elements of the Pulumiverse. Examples of questions or topics that will be included: • How can I find good first issues to work on? • How do we want to approach… in the code? • Discussion around an architectural approach for providers It is not a support call; those kinds of questions or topics should be directed to Slack, GitHub Discussions, or Office Hours (livestream). Examples of questions or topics that will not be included: • How do I use Pulumi to do…? • When will you fix…? • What is <this Pulumi term>? If you’re a contributor or wish to contribute and are interested in joining the meeting, please let me know where I can send a meeting invite! I’ll be opening up a list of topics to vote on next week after the US holiday. If you have a topic you'd like me to include in the voting list for the agenda, please let me know! Thanks! Excited to get this going!
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