Does using a self-hosted backend affect the concur...
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Does using a self-hosted backend affect the concurrency of deploying resources? The stacks I have on seem to update all resources in parallel that can be, but my stacks with an S3 backend seem to only update one resource at a time. Is that expected?
it largely depends on the backend object store, and is down to the go-cloud underlying library we use to talk to object store buckets
Got it, it looks like has a reference from someone who noticed similar things to me on the S3 backend. If there's any room for me to make a PR to help here, if you could point me to where the S3 communication happens I'll gladly take a look. I know Terraform talks to the S3 backend considerably quicker, and I'm pretty familiar with how they do it in their codebase
It looks like the blob library exposes
field: that could be passed through in the
of the
method: Would you be open to a change where
pulumi up
could have a new flag named
where if set, that value would be passed through to the blob for whatever state is used? Looking through the code, it looks like Azure and S3 are the only blob backends that support it right now
I'm open to it, but I don't speak for the engineers who manage that code. I'd recommend opening an issue first and discussing there
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Sounds good. Created an issue:
Once the thread appears in we can link to it on your issue
Oh cool, I'll update the link when I can