If I `curl '<https://21d11ca8c29669f0b6b22de0b70e2...
# general
If I
curl '<https://21d11ca8c29669f0b6b22de0b70e2570.gr7.us-east-2.eks.amazonaws.com/openapi/v2?timeout=32s>'
I get the error
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: <http://21d11ca8c29669f0b6b22de0b70e2570.gr7.us-east-2.eks.amazonaws.com|21d11ca8c29669f0b6b22de0b70e2570.gr7.us-east-2.eks.amazonaws.com>
but I don't know where this URL comes from or why Pulumi thinks it should be able to connect to it
this is your EKS control plane URL. it's provisioned by AWS when you create a cluster
it needs to connect to this to put resources in your Kubernetes cluster
How does Pulumi get that URL, and any idea how it got the wrong one?
Even after
pulumi refresh
it's still failing with the same error 🤔
Ok for the record this was user-error (unsurprisingly): I forgot to pass my
to the
I was creating
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