Hi, I want to use a dedicated venv for gcp-python ...
# python
Hi, I want to use a dedicated venv for gcp-python project, but the problem is i can't find a way to provide the python venv path when running "pulumi new ...." It always creates a new venv in the project dir. how can i tell pulumi to use a set of config values for both "pulumi.yaml and pulumi.<stack>.yaml" while running "pulumi new ..." ??
pulumi new gcp-python --name="mongodb-atlas" --stack="dev" --dir="/Users/saad*/Documents/sada-systems/pulumi/mongodb" --secrets-provider="*****"--description="Pulumi Project to manage MongoDB Atlas" ---------- This is what am running as of now, but it still prompts me to provide the gcp-project-id , even though am sending it in config-file and also the its creating default venv inside the current dir
thanks, yea i figured out the venv, however if you can please help me with the 2nd query above ? I need to set the gcp config values while creating the project itself, so am using the project "template" section to set the values, but its still prompting me for gcp:project-id, even though i pass it in the template:
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name: mongodb
description: MongoDB Atlas project
runtime: python
    virtualenv: /Users/saaduddin/Documents//pulumi/virtualenv/venv
  url: <gs://pulumi_backend_state_bucket/>
  description: A minimal Google Cloud Python Pulumi program
  important: true
      description: test 
      default: project-a
      description: The Google Cloud project to deploy into
      default: us-central1
even after passing the values in the template section, the default values aren't picked, it is still prompting to enter values, could you please help me address this
please open an issue if the default isn’t working