When I run `pulumi new` with an AWS template it as...
# general
When I run
pulumi new
with an AWS template it asks for the AWS region. How do I change the region later? I don't see it anywhere in the project files
You can set
aws:region: us-west-2
in the stack file. Or update your AWS profile or env vars.
Via the CLI, that would be
pulumi config set aws:region us-west-2
I think? I don't use the CLI, not certain..
Note that all this affects only the default AWS provider. If you use your own provider, you'll need to set it at construction time.
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Ahh yes, thanks, I found that. I had tried
pulumi config get aws:region
and it didn't return any value, so I didn't realise I could nevertheless use
pulumi config set aws:region