Hey guys, I've been setting up an AWS WAFV2 and ha...
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Hey guys, I've been setting up an AWS WAFV2 and have been running into issues where pulumi assumes my rules for my webacl have been changed every time I
pulumi up
. I know sometimes it has to do with some default values in a field that need to be provided but in this case, I'm not too sure which field I'm missing. Here is the example code
I’m not sure exactly what resources you are getting this behavior, however, I’ll suggest to you try to use AWS Native provider, if you are not using that. Also, trying to conciliate your infrastructure as code getting the data to make decisions if you really need to push it or not. If you pass this decision to pulumi CLI it can continue in that direction because pulumi CLI doesn’t have this intelligence included, all resources will handle equally but some resources need better handled before provisioning repetitively. (https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/aws-native/api-docs/wafv2/)
Thanks for the reply. I'll give the native provider a shot since I'm using the classic one at the moment and see if that addresses it