I was receiving a `permission denied error` trying...
# google-cloud
I was receiving a
permission denied error
trying to
pulumi destroy
a small stack with storage buckets. The policy troubleshooter confirms I have access, and I went the extra steps to confirm their is no organizational deny rules (no deny rules at all) related to
. This is just a dev stack, so on a hunch it wouldn’t allow deletion of buckets with contents I destroyed the buckets in the gcp console. I’m still trying to
the stack but get
* googleapi: Error 404: The specified bucket does not exist., notFound
. How do I
pulumi to discard the resources? Export/edit/import then destroy?
pulumi refresh -y
to update the Pulumi state file and then
pulumi destroy
should work.
ok, I tried a
pulumi up -r
but that didn’t work. Thanks for that note, if there were more resources I would have needed that. I got out of it with a
pulumi stack rm --force
since it was such a focused stack.
Hmmm - I’m surprised the
pulumi up -r
didn’t bring the state to a known state (pun intended) from which
pulumi destroy
would work.
I agree, it succeeded but did not recreate or remove the buckets from the stack.