Hi All, I'm a noob to typescript but have a bit of...
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Hi All, I'm a noob to typescript but have a bit of experience with pulumi. I'm trying to find a way to define an array in my stack yaml (Pulumi.int.yaml) and reference the array within a class and pass it as an array to azure.network.Subnet. eg. My class looks like
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export class subNet {
    constructor(name: string) {
        const data = new azure.network.Subnet("data", {
            addressPrefixes: [config.require('datasubnetrange')],
            enforcePrivateLinkEndpointNetworkPolicies: true,
            name: "data",
            resourceGroupName: "dpc-spi-networking-"+config.require('envid')+"-rg-aue-"+config.require('index'),
            serviceEndpoints: [
            virtualNetworkName: "dpc-vnet-spi-"+config.require('envid')+"-aue-"+config.require('index'),
        }, {
            protect: true,
My stack yaml will look something like
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    - Microsoft.KeyVault
    - Microsoft.AzureActiveDirectory
    - Microsoft.Storage
    - Microsoft.Sql
I've tried everything I can think of. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
should do the trick.
Specifically, you'd have to do this:
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serviceEndpoints: config.requireObject('serviceEndpoints'),
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Brilliant. Thanks @quaint-bird-18760
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