Hello! As part of my work to migrate 1200 modules ...
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Hello! As part of my work to migrate 1200 modules from Terraform into Pulumi Projects/Stacks, I needed a way to have my terraform code depend on Pulumi Stack Outputs (just like how Pulumi has official support for referencing terraform module outputs). This enabled me to migrate over the terraform modules in any order, not needing to first ensure that the module in question would only depend on other modules that had already be converted. To accomplish this, I created a terraform provider that has a
that can lookup Stack Outputs in the Pulumi Cloud: https://github.com/transcend-io/terraform-provider-pulumi, like so:
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terraform {
  required_providers {
    pulumi = {
      version = "0.0.2"
      source  = "<http://hashicorp.com/transcend-io/pulumi|hashicorp.com/transcend-io/pulumi>"

provider "pulumi" {}

data "pulumi_stack_outputs" "stack_outputs" {
  organization = "transcend-io"
  project      = "airgap-telemetry-backend"
  stack        = "dev"

output "stack_outputs" {
  value = data.pulumi_stack_outputs.stack_outputs.stack_outputs
Is this something that would be reasonable to include in the Pulumiverse, or would you prefer for this project to stay separate?
I think this is really cool. I will tag in @quiet-wolf-18467 and @limited-rainbow-51650 for their thoughts.
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Any update on this?
Hey @rapid-raincoat-36492, we are definitely open to accept this within Pulumiverse. You will remain the main contributor on this repo, but we can help to find additional collaborators to spread the load. If you transfer the repo to me, as a Github org admin, I can transfer it further to github.com/pulumiverse. Just a practical note, I don’t have time anymore to do this today, so if its ok for you to do this tomorrow, that would be great.
Thank you! I made the request, no worries on the timing 👍