Hello, I'm in the middle of an architecture design...
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Hello, I'm in the middle of an architecture design but have come to a blocker. I've searched the docs/web but cannot find a way to avoid using local stack config files (i.e.
files) for stack configuration settings. Ideally, I would like to use something like AWS SSM or similar to manage all stack config variables. Does anyone know if this is possible or must I use YAML files for stack config?
We currently only support config via local .yaml files. But do feel free to raise an issue about this, we could have a think about how other data sources could fit in to this.
Thanks... that's ok, I think it is possible to do what I'm trying using the
package, but it's a bit convoluted. It would be awesome if we could specify the configuration storage backend (much like we can with the pulumi state backend).