Hello Everyone, After importing a aws resource(sub...
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Hello Everyone, After importing a aws resource(subnet) into pulumi I would like to modify the properties. This leads to replacement. Is this a pulumi thing or an aws thing? I would like to change few properties on the resource...
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pulumi up
Previewing update (network.staging):
     Type                     Name                                           Plan        Info
     pulumi:pulumi:Stack      pulumi-staging-infrastructure-network.staging              
 +   ├─ pulumi:providers:aws  provider                                       create      
 +-  ├─ aws:ec2:Vpc           vpc-staging                                    replace     [diff: +enableDnsSupport,instanceTenancy~__defaults,protect,provider]
 +-  └─ aws:ec2:Subnet        public_subnet_stvk                             replace     [diff: +assignIpv6AddressOnCreation,enableDns64,enableResourceNameDnsARecordOnLaunch,ena
    + 1 to create
    +-2 to replace
    3 changes. 1 unchanged
it depends what you’re replacing. Usually a replacement is because the AWS API is immutable
in this case yes, the properties are immutable
So it will delete and recreate...
Yes unfortunately. Can you make that change in the API without a delete and recreate?
Not sure maybe can try from the console...But I doubt that aws will let me...Will update you with what i find..thank you..
I ask because, if you can do it from the console but not Pulumi, that’s a bug if you can’t do it from the console that confirms it’ll delete/replace is expected behavior
thanks, that was it./