Hey everyone, whats the best practice method to sh...
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Hey everyone, whats the best practice method to share my pulumi code with others? If i'm pushing the main configuration files to some sort of SCM(github,gitlab, etc..), can someone just clone the repository and use pulumi up without creating a new pulumi project? or are we limited to stack regulations and we need to copy the code into the files inside our local project
I believe everything is based on the Token right? So unless you are committing the Token and/or Cloud platform token (which is probably a bad idea) the folks who clone your repo would need to provide their own.
@wonderful-portugal-96162 Hi, Thanks for replying! i'm actually not talking about the Token side of things, but the dependecies that are needed when deploying a pulumi operation. let's say i'm cloning a repo that has some index.ts file and the other necessary files (btw, what are they?) with pulumi configuration - will pulumi up still work but will do "npm i" automatically? or the project needs to be deployed prior to cloning, with pulumi new?
If you want to allow others to reuse your code in a restrictive way , I think you need to use "pulumi automation API"