Trying to run Pulumi in GitHub Action CI but keep ...
# aws
Trying to run Pulumi in GitHub Action CI but keep seeing the following line implying a Profile is passed even though no AWS profile is defined.
A Profile was specified along with the environment variables "AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID" and "AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY". The Profile is now used instead of the environment variable credentials. This may lead to unexpected behavior.
I do set the config aws:profile locally and I tried removing that in the CI prior to
and re-adding it after though that didn't change the log line above. Is this an issue or a red herring?
The reason I even started going down this path was after configuring the AWS cli I spit out the AWS config and I'm currently seeing the following ....
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Name                    Value             Type    Location
      ----                    -----             ----    --------
   profile                <not set>             None    None
access_key     ****************ISEZ              env    
secret_key     ****************0alB              env    
    region                us-east-1              env    ['AWS_REGION', 'AWS_DEFAULT_REGION']
@alert-spoon-97538 the profile might be set inside the stack configuration, if you run a successful up with a config setting it gets passed to the stack config
I tried running
pulumi config rm aws:profile
right before
pulumi up
to see if that changed anything and it did not
Is it specified in code? When you construct the provider? Search for all provider constructors.
isn't used in the code at all
Have you output the value of AWS_PROFILE as seen by the CI job? Maybe that'll give you a hint where the value is coming from. Maybe an earlier step / action is setting it?
good idea