I’m getting a really strange pulumi issue. Today I...
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I’m getting a really strange pulumi issue. Today I noticed an package-lock out of sync issue and ran
npm install
to update it. It fixed up a conflict with
, but now when I run pulumi to preview one of my stacks I get:
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error: Running program '/Users/mbusby/dev/kojo-web-infra' failed with an unhandled exception:
    TSError: ⨯ Unable to compile TypeScript:
    stacks/dev/busby/index.ts(3,36): error TS2554: Expected 1 arguments, but got 2.
The line in question is creating a custom component:
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import { DevEBEnv } from '../../../components/DevEBEnv';

new DevEBEnv('kojo-web-dev-busby', { ... }); // <-- this line errors
which is defined like:
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export class DevEBEnv extends pulumi.ComponentResource {
  constructor(name: `kojo-${string}-dev-${string}`, opts: DevEBEnvOptions) {
I can’t see why this would be erroring. So I think somehow this change in installed
version is breaking the compilation, not sure why, anyone have ideas on how to debug this?
got bumped from
. Manually doing
npm install ts-node@7.0.1
resolved the issue