I'm trying to override the autonaming of an ECR re...
# typescript
I'm trying to override the autonaming of an ECR repository, but not sure if this is a type issue or an api issue -
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// Create a repository.
const repo = new awsx.ecr.Repository("cicd", {
  name: "cicd",
the docs show a name param is available to be set, but I get:
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index.ts(5,3): error TS2345: Argument of type '{ name: string; }' is not assignable to parameter of type 'RepositoryArgs'.
      Object literal may only specify known properties, and 'name' does not exist in type 'RepositoryArgs'.
this looks like a bug, can you open an issue?
I'm looking through the code and it looks like i have awsx 0.40.0 installed, but i can't pull that version up in github to check it. seems like the name prop is available back to beta1 though
yeah looks like an 0.40.0 issue - forced install of 1.0.0-beta.7 and it went away but now I had to do
pulumi plugin install resource aws v5.4.0
- not familiar with what that is, new aws backend stuff?
just frustrating how all the docs point to beta versions and what we get installed by default is 0.40.0 with major breaking changes to the api