I set up a new Pulumi project using the Pulumi Ser...
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I set up a new Pulumi project using the Pulumi Service provider (https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/pulumiservice/) to set up some stack tags. Everything was going well until I decided to change the tag value of a subset of my tags. Now, I continually get
error: field type "string" does not match property "invalid"
on all these resources, no matter what I seem to do... I can't update them, and I can't delete them. Cranking up the log verbosity doesn't show anything (literally nothing... setting
--verbose 10
looks no different than leaving off
entirely). I'm at a bit of a loss as to what's going on here... any suggestions?
Do you have a repro? Could you open an issue?
Yeah, I think I should be able to set up a reproduction... I'll clean up my tags manually first, then work on the minimal reproduction.
Thank you for filing this! I'll be taking a look at this soon.
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Hi @full-artist-27215, wanted to let you know that we've fixed your issue in version
. PR link if you're interested Thank you so much for the great repro steps and description of the issue.
@bland-chef-60652 Awesome, thanks for such a quick turnaround! 🎉
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