Is it possible to implement a “dynamic provider” w...
# java
Is it possible to implement a “dynamic provider” with the Java SDK, at this point?
No, dynamic providers aren’t supported for Java (and neither for .NET and Go)
iirc dynamic providers rely on function serialization
got it — thank you!
Just a thought, with the caveat that I have zero idea why function serialization is involved with dynamic providers (and don’t really want to know) — but it would be pretty cool if at some point we had a way to create custom ad-hoc (non-dynamic) providers in Java, .NET, and Go. Speaking for myself, this would be super helpful.
Spark serializes closures somehow, at least in Scala. I was trying to find out how that happens. Perhaps
It should be possible on the JVM, but it’s unclear that it’s going to be an easy ride.
java can serialize functions and lambdas, but I haven't looked yet at what dynamic providers require to work