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# announcements
☁️ Happy re:Invent to those who celebrate 🎊! With that, we are excited to announce Crosswalk for AWS is now v1.0 and available in all languages! Crosswalk is a set of libraries that define infrastructure as code components that make it easier for you to spin up modern cloud architectures using well-architected best practices. Over 25% of all Pulumi AWS users have adopted at least one Crosswalk component for their infrastructure. What’s new in v1.0?AWSX 1.0, EKS 1.0 and AWS API Gateway 1.0 • Now available in TypeScript, Python, Go, C#, Java, and YAML • Hundreds of new features, fixes, and improvements since originally launching in 2019 Why do people love Pulumi Crosswalk for AWS? • Simplifies creation of well-architected infrastructure using services like Amazon API Gateway, Auto Scaling, Amazon ECS and EKS, ELB, VPC, and more • Increases development velocity through reusable code with best practices already baked-in so that teams can build cloud applications even faster • Central to making the newly released Pulumi Architecture Templates simple, concise, and powerful 👉 Read the blog to learn more! As always, we welcome feedback and contributions to the GitHub repos pulumi-awsx, pulumi-eks, and pulumi-aws-apigateway that define the Crosswalk libraries.
Do you plan something similar for Azure at one point?
@strong-match-67698 we’d like to pursue this in the future. please upvote and add your feedback to our github issues, which we’re always reviewing to determine which features we build next! https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-azure-native/issues/567