I am getting started with Pulumi and set up a Helm...
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I am getting started with Pulumi and set up a Helm Release resource pointing to a chart in my local filesystem. The first deploy worked successfully, but I am noticing that when I update the chart, Pulumi never tries to deploy it as it thinks there are no changes. Makes sense since nothing in the Pulumi layer changed, but not ideal for how I am trying to manage this deployment. Is there any technique I should use here? My search attempts have come up empty.
I actually figured something out. Maybe this is non-idiomatic but it works for my current needs. I am defining a variable that is set to a hash of the chart’s contents, so if anything changes, Pulumi will update the release, but if it doesn’t change Pulumi will leave it alone. The variable looks like this:
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      function: command:local:run
        command: find ../argocd/bootstrap -type f | sort | xargs openssl sha256 | openssl sha256
And then I pass it to the helm chart as an unused value:
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        chartHash: ${chart-hash}
Hi Jake, nothing wrong with approach.