# built-with-pulumi


12/06/2022, 2:21 PM
* Looking for Early Adopters for Q-Cloud (No Code platform built with Pulumi) * We are looking for a few EA (early adopter) users for our Q-Cloud platform and the offer is free usage for a limited amount of time. Q-Cloud is a low code platform for cloud infrastructure deployment built with Pulumi in the backend. You can learn more here: We can share more details but the initial criteria is as follows: a) Centered around AWS, Azure and K8 IaaS resources and preferably non production environments b) We will provide container images and you will need to host it on your choice of infra (Preferably an Ubuntu 20.x vm with Docker) c) Even though our software is free to you, you will incur charges for the infra you will provision d) There are a few incentives for this program Contact us at or DM me on Slack if you are interested.