Hey all, are there any upgrade guides anywhere for...
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Hey all, are there any upgrade guides anywhere for awsx version 1, I am coming from the beta, and there are a ton of breaking changes in the full upgrade.
For instance, there is no longer a vpc.fromExistingIds()
I have a micro stack approach, and all of my infra is in it's own repo for base stuff like VPC and ECS clusters, ect, What would be the equivalent here:
You ever solve this?
Sort of. I put a support ticket in, and have spent hours reading through their code. There is currently not a way to do this, their recommendation is to stay on classic until they catch up.
if you do
import * as awsx from '@Pulumi Novice/awsx/classic';
everything should work. The only difference is they changed ApplicationLoadBalancer to lb
All of the VPC values in the VPC library though are readonly, no way to specify existing ones. We also have a meeting with them in the next couple of weeks to discuss this problem in more detail as well.