have you tried setting it on the AzureNative.Stora...
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have you tried setting it on the AzureNative.Storage.BlobContainer resource?
Hi @straight-sunset-92336, are you using the native or classic provider?
You may nee to set
PublicNetworkAccess:   pulumi.String("Disabled"),
in your example
here in go:
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v20220901.NewStorageAccount(ctx, "test_sa", &v20220901.StorageAccountArgs{
			ResourceGroupName: resourceGroup.Name,
			Location:          resourceGroup.Location,
			AccountName:       pulumi.String("testsadirien"),
			Sku: &v20220901.SkuArgs{
				Name: pulumi.String(v20220901.SkuName_Standard_LRS),
			Kind:                  pulumi.String("StorageV2"),
			AllowBlobPublicAccess: pulumi.Bool(false),
			PublicNetworkAccess:   pulumi.String(v20220901.PublicNetworkAccessDisabled),
			NetworkRuleSet: &v20220901.NetworkRuleSetArgs{
				DefaultAction: v20220901.DefaultActionDeny,
I cannot find the parameter PublicNetworkAccess in the docs; https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/azure-native/api-docs/storage/storageaccount/ Also getting error when I try to use it:
Object literal may only specify known properties, and 'PublicNetworkAccess' does not exist in type 'StorageAccountArgs'.
Use a different API Version! The default one is outdated!