hi, I'm all new to `pulumi` and I have a question ...
# typescript
hi, I'm all new to
and I have a question about javascript usage:
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// 1.
const image = new docker.Image(...) // promise ?

// 2.
const service = new gcp.cloudrun.Service(, { // promise too
  image: image.imageName,
I guess 1.
new docker.Image
returns a promise, but how 2.
for it ?
it’s not really a promise, it’s an
which is promise like Why do you want to await it?
no I'm just trying to figure out the flow of instructions
you should just be able to pass image.name through to the service args, as inputs/outputs are interchangeable as far as i understand it
I guess this is the answer to my "flow" question:
Pulumi automatically captures dependencies when you pass an output from one resource as an input to another resource.
I'm sure there are reasons for this, but I would have really preferred avoiding this type of magic, and handle this with classical promises/await
@ripe-cat-40820 the reason for this is that primises are not a thing in our other supported languages
and we support more languages than javascript
a lot of the semantics are the same, but it’s declarative