Hey all, we're planning to use `renderYamlToDirect...
# kubernetes
Hey all, we're planning to use
as an option to dump Yaml files into our CD system. It works great with one caveat. How does file names are generated? Currently it's generating like
. I wanted to add some prefix to the file names so
kubectl apply
respects order of the resources. Is it possible to do?
https://www.pulumi.com/blog/kubernetes-yaml-generation/ has more info about this. There’s no configurable way to change the names; they’re generated based on the type and resource name. CRDs are generated in a separate folder, so you should be able to run the apply like this without worrying about ordering otherwise:
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kubectl apply -f "${RENDER_DIRECTORY}/0-crd"
kubectl apply -f "${RENDER_DIRECTORY}/1-manifest"