Where do I find the API docs for AKS? <https://www...
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I find it better to go through google
What is the difference to Azure native and Azure?
I was probably looking at the wrong place
ah, you’re right, the azure-native is the preferred because it’s autogenerated from MS API (the way I understand it) in native AKS seems to be this https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/azure-native/api-docs/containerservice/managedcluster/
(the naming is confusing 😄 but it seems that the “managed cluster” name comes from azure)
Probably yes as I was searching in the Azure Native documenattion for AKS and could not find any. Now it's clear
Yes, unfortunately, Microsoft is not always consistent with their naming, so the name in the spec that azure-native is generated from is sometimes different from the name in their docs. Glad you found it.