01/06/2023, 2:10 PM
Okay... I was able to get it a little futher, but it's appending a
to the server...
const lambdaImage = new docker.Image(`${appName}-image`, {
  build: { ... },
  registry: {
    server: "<http://localhost:4566/>",
    username: "test",
    password: "test",
  imageName: `${appName}-image`,
docker:image:Image (test-app-image):
    error: Error response from daemon: login attempt to <http://localhost:4566/v2/> failed with status: 404 Not Found

    error: Error: ' docker login' failed with exit code 1
Solved it with:
aws.sdk.config.credentials = {
  accessKeyId: "test",
  secretAccessKey: "test",
aws.sdk.config.region = aws.config.region;
imageName: `localhost:4510/${appName}-image`,
There is also a race condition with the first request to ECR and the
docker login
. On the creation of a new repository, ECR in localstack starts the http server. When using awsx to create the repository, this also impies
docker login
docker login
is happening before the http server is ready and causes the failure above. To work around, I use the aws cli to create a fake repository, to get the ECR http server running before
docker login