Does anybody know why when we create a AzureCLIScr...
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Does anybody know why when we create a AzureCLIScript using Pulumi and we have a script that has a scriptContent with the following “az account show” but when we run pulumi up we get a error saying “please run az login to set up the account” This error does not make any sense for two reasons 1. when I do az account show, I am logged in 2. We have other scripts in our Pulumi stack that add to storage that works fine.
I always have an identity assigned to the AzureCLIScript
And never saw this, but then I did not run an account command.
Maybe a missing role?
thats what we are thinking, issues with how the pulumi CLI is provisioned access?
the AzureCLIScript runs in Azure directly
how you do the identity cause looking at your example you dont send in anything related to identity?
Yeah, because i use the S3 credentials here
I have a different example, where I use an identiy
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Identity: resources.ManagedServiceIdentityArgs{
				Type:                   pulumi.String(resources.ManagedServiceIdentityTypeUserAssigned),
				UserAssignedIdentities: scriptUserIdentityMapOutput,