Does anyone know how to pass mandatory properties ...
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Does anyone know how to pass mandatory properties to provider when doing import via Java SDK, but via CLI will do as a work around. E.g. the requires "zone" id and not just "tag" (CF's object id). As a result TF CF provider that pulumi provider wraps, needs it for "Read" @ But for the life of me I cannot find a way to pass that extra information with the import java call or via cli.
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private static Map<String, String> emailToId = Map.of(
            "email@mydomain", "123456789deadbeef000000000",

public static EmailRoutingRule createRule(final String from, final String to)
    final var name = from + ":rule";
    final var rule = EmailRoutingRuleArgs.builder()

    final var optionsBuilder = CustomResourceOptions.builder();

    return  new EmailRoutingRule
results in
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cloudflare:index:EmailRoutingRule (email@mydomain:rule):
    error: Preview failed: refreshing urn:pulumi:dev::cloudflare::cloudflare:index/emailRoutingRule:EmailRoutingRule::email@mydomain:rule: 1 error occurred:
        * error reading email routing rule "123456789deadbeef000000000": required missing zone ID
same error with "pulumi import"
I think this is very similar, if not the same, issue I had with a different provider.
Yes, this sounds like the same issue I ran into
Feel free to add a comment on that issue. Your use-case is of course specific to Cloudflare but I believe it to be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed in the core Pulumi engine first.