Hi there , could you please help me i have a quest...
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Hi there , could you please help me i have a question about the mongodb atlas provider I create atlas projects like this pulumi_atlas_project = mongodbatlas.Project('atlas_project', name=my_config['atlas_project_name'], _org_id_=my_config['atlas_org_id'], _is_collect_database_specifics_statistics_enabled_=True, _is_data_explorer_enabled_=True, _is_performance_advisor_enabled_=True, _is_realtime_performance_panel_enabled_=True, _is_schema_advisor_enabled_=True, _with_default_alerts_settings_=False) If the "name" attribute changes ( or if the name of project changes in atlas ) , pulumi will try to delete/recreate the project. Is is possible to bypass this behaviour for this particular argument ??
Probably not. Name is probably a non-modifiable attribute so if you change it pulumi has to delete/recreate rather than doing an inplace update.
Although if your talking about the first name parameter ('`atlas_project'` in your code) then you can change that and tell pulumi what the old name was with aliases: https://www.pulumi.com/docs/intro/concepts/resources/options/aliases/
Ok thank you . I think I have to "protect" the resource to prevent accidental replacements ..