Hi, I could use some help resolving this error/in...
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Hi, I could use some help resolving this error/inconsistency i experience. I've recently upgraded the provider plugin
to a newer version. Now when i do a
i get the following warning:
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warning: resource plugin aws is expected to have version >=5.27.0, but has 5.9.2; the wrong version may be on your path, or this may be a bug in the plugin
When doing a
pulumi plugin ls
i see the following:
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aws           resource  5.27.0   499 MB  1 hour ago      1 hour ago
aws           resource  5.9.2    387 MB  48 minutes ago  48 minutes ago
If run the following command to remove the 5.9.2 version
pulumi plugin rm resource aws 5.9.2
and then run a
i get the following error:
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error: could not load plugin for aws provider 'urn:pulumi:test::sapbasis::pulumi:providers:aws::default_5_27_0': aws (resource) plugin [C:\Program Files\chocolatey\bin\p
ulumi-resource-aws.exe] wrote a non-numeric port to stdout ('0'): strconv.Atoi: parsing "Cannot find file at '..\\\\lib\\pulumi\\home\\plugins\\resource-aws-v5.9.2\\pulu
mi-resource-aws.exe' This usually indicates a missing or moved
 file.\r": invalid syntax
This indicates that the stack is somehow still using the 5.9.2 Provider. Doing an export of the stack with
pulumi stack export --file out.json
- the stack has no references to the 5.9.2 version but are instead all listed as using
. Any ideas? Sincerely
I think the engine tries to use the old provider for deletes of old resources, worth raising an issue about that version number warning though that seems wrong.
I think the engine tries to use the old provider for deletes of old resources
Well, with the outdated plugin, I can easily run a
, I just get the warning. The provider on the resource is correct. So either the warning being shown is a bug in itself, or it's actually using the old provider but setting the new on the resources.
Yeh please raise an issue about this, I can look into it next week. It probably is that the warning is bugged.
I've created the issue here: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/11916
It probably is that the warning is bugged
I'm leaning more to something trying to use the old provider version, as I get the error when removing the plugin. Unless the warning actually tries reading some information from the provider package for the warning to be rendered.
I'm on support rotation next week, promise I'll look into this first thing Monday unless the support engineer beats me to it tomorrow (I'm out of office tomorrow otherwise I'd look into this now)
An observation, I've also added to the issue, if that's relevant.
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An observation, that might be a clue, our setup is a mono-repository where we have multiple stacks. All got the provider updated, but only some of the stack are printing the warning. The common denominator between the stacks that print the warning are, they all use custom resource components.