Hi all :wave: I'm just getting started with both P...
# python
Hi all 👋 I'm just getting started with both Pulumi and python, and I'm struggling to understand how I can read configuration from the stack yaml file 🤔 Trying to setup an Azure keyvault using the
package. https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/azure-native/api-docs/keyvault/vault/ What I can't understand is if the package should implicitly understand that I have set the
in the config file, or if I need to read it out in the python code and pass it along? And if so, how do I get that config value in code? No matter what I do, it's trying to read from a section prefixed by my application name... This is (part of) what I have in `Pulumi.stack-name.yaml`:
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  azure-native:tenantId: 123-123-123-123
Never mind, I figured it out 😄
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azure_config = azure.authorization.get_client_config()
print("TentantId: ", azure_config.tenant_id)