Hi!, I am getting a `VersionsLimitExceededExceptio...
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Hi!, I am getting a
when updating a
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* error updating IoT Policy (my_policy): VersionsLimitExceededException: The policy my_policy already has the maximum number of versions (5)
Is there something special I need to do to prune the oldest version of the policy to make room for the new one? thanks!
Actually to add to this behavior, I updated all my dependencies to the latest (for reference, I am also using aws-classic). I reran the
command where i got a successful update, but the change was never applied (it ignored the error I guess?)
should this be filed as a bug, as it create a deadend in the IaC life cycle (requires manual intervention to unblock automatic deployment process). For now I have added some custom Boto3 check and action in the code, but would much rather have it embedded in resource management process
Hi @helpful-knife-18557, I think it should be filed as a bug so it can be properly triaged. Thank you!