Is anyone using Pulumi in an ArgoCD workflow? e.g....
# kubernetes
Is anyone using Pulumi in an ArgoCD workflow? e.g. generating manifests using the k8s YAML provider, then either feeding them or comitting them for ArgoCD to pick up for GitOps?
One thing that I am thinking of that is problematic, that isn't an issue with say, helm template, is that Pulumi wants to track the state of the stack. This is to be expected, that's Pulumi's whole point. Is there an easy way in Pulumi to suppress the state tracking and only use the stack config for configurations? e.g. if I'm using the
feature of the provider for 100% of my resources?
Hey @gorgeous-egg-16927 thanks for this information. It's what I'm actually kinda working on is just using a local backend that is using
mktemp -d
so it's tossed in the ArgoCD generation. I'm glad to see it could be in pulumi's roadmap for supporting a stateless YAML rendering workflow! 👍
Why would the state tracking need to be suppressed, rather than disposed?