01/27/2023, 1:39 PM
Running into a problem where my logical ID is pretty long. Looks like the name of a Pulumi Resource is limited to 93 characters (100 consisting of 93 + 7)? This could quickly become a problem for CDK applications as logical IDs can get long and they have a lot in common in the earlier parts of the ID since they are constructed from a path.
aws:lambda:Permission (StockBotApiGatewayPUTeventualexecutionsexecutionIdsignalssendsignalintegrationPermission5A589):
    error: could not make instance of 'aws:lambda/permission:Permission': name 'StockBotApiGatewayPUTeventualexecutionsexecutionIdsignalssendsignalintegrationPermission5A589-' plus 7 random chars is longer than maximum length 100


01/27/2023, 2:31 PM
Yeah - I recall we ran into a similar issue in We’ll need to look deeper into this. I think this isn’t just an issue in the bridging layer - it’s a place we may need to make the Pulumi auto naming more flexible for these cases with very long resource names.