:wave: hello there I'm trying to render yaml files...
# kubernetes
👋 hello there I'm trying to render yaml files using k8s provider
and then create this file on GitHub with
However, I need to call
pulumi up
twice. Is there a way to dump yaml files and then to read them in one go? Already tried
but it's not working. Sample code that I'm using for PoC
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// Instantiate a Kubernetes Provider and specify the render directory.
const provider = new k8s.Provider("render-yaml", {
	renderYamlToDirectory: "./samples/rendered",
	enableServerSideApply: true

const s3 = new kx.Secret("credentials-s3", {
	metadata: {
		name: "credentials-s3"
	stringData: {
		"access-key-id": "access",
		"secret-access-key": "secret"
}, {

fs.readdirSync(path.resolve(__dirname, "samples/rendered/1-manifest/")).forEach(file => {
	const fileContent = fs.readFileSync(path.resolve(__dirname, `samples/rendered/1-manifest/${file}`), "utf-8")

	if (file.includes("v1-configmap")) {
		const yaml = load(fileContent) as k8s.core.v1.ConfigMap;

		new github.RepositoryFile(`files-${yaml.metadata.name}`, {
			repository: tenantsRepository.name,
			file: `./tenants/${yaml.metadata.namespace}/configmaps/${yaml.metadata.name}.yaml`,
			content: fileContent,
			branch: "master",
			overwriteOnCreate: true