Hello, in this section <https://www.pulumi.com/blo...
# yaml
Hello, in this section https://www.pulumi.com/blog/pulumi-yaml/#use-components-built-in-other-pulumi-languages I understand that I can use component created in another language, but I don't find any examples of that in the github example repo. I can do it within my c# solution, ex:
the component itself is written in Go, but if you look at examples you can see how I’ve imported the SDK in other languages
thanks, I will have a look 🙂
Curious .. how does custom code get generated ?
Suppose I had a component that had some custom code in golang to lookup a dns and resolve to an ip. Would the boiler plate handle that ?
my understanding @worried-helmet-23171 is that you need to create a custom provider to serve your component