I've been starting with pulumi programs in typescr...
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I've been starting with pulumi programs in typescript, but I have a lambda that needs to be in python to take advantage of a particular 3p library. Does anyone know if I can deploy a lambda written in python from a pulumi program written in typescript?
Yes. There's no problem here.
It's just a file that gets uploaded.
It's probably worth building the lambda zip before running the Pulumi program. If you can depend on the zip existing, your Pulumi code becomes much simpler.
ahah, that was my next question
You can do it from Pulumi, but then you have to manage pre-deploy code carefully. There are mixins in Pulumi for this, but I find them less than helpful, because they conflate pre-deploy and in-deploy logic.
Which is a bit head-wrecking.
If you did want to do it in Pulumi, it might look something like this — this example is written in Python and zips up a Python function, but the TS program code would be structurally the same: https://github.com/pulumi/templates/blob/master/serverless-aws-python/__main__.py#L21-L25
That uses FileArchive to create a zip of a directory. It's a great example, but it doesn't deal with the problem of dependencies. Is there another example of a Python lambda with some dependent packages?
You could use the Pulumi Command provider inside the program, or a build step (makefile, npm script, etc.) run before
pulumi up
to run steps like in AWS' docs: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/lambda/latest/dg/python-package.html#python-package-create-package-with-dependency e.g.: (pseudocode)
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const packageDeps = new command.local.run({
  "command": "pip install ... && zip -r ../my-deployment-package.zip . && ...",
  "dir": "./function",
I'm using https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/command/api-docs/local/run/ here because it will run on every execution, but it will run on preview and deploy.
I got bitten by uploading
with python several times (depend on packages) so in my case, I prefer building docker images with python instead. Docker build flow is well integrated in pulumi as well.