is there any way to create a lambda without any as...
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is there any way to create a lambda without any associated code (or maybe with some placeholder code) and use a separate process to actually update the code? will the code be replaced by the placeholder code every time i do a 'pulumi up'?
its a .net6 lambda btw
It might not change on
pulumi refresh
pulumi up --refresh
would likely detect the drift and replace it.
Are you finding the Lambda resource inadequate for your release process?
its just a bit disjointed because all of our pulumi code is in typescript and in one repository and the lambda code is in .net6 and in another repository...
we have scripts to update the lambda code already but i wanted to move the infrastructure into pulumi (lambda, sqs queue, role etc)
Makes sense. If that other repository publishes the lambda as a zip/tar file you could use it as a remote asset, or as part of the Pulumi program you manage download it from the remote.
yeah thanks.. that's exactly what i'm gonna do.. look in the s3 bucket for the most recent code asset and refer to that in the pulumi code
Sometimes you just have to lean in to another team or repository's release process. :)
why dont you just have the .net src in the same repo and then deploy it using the FileArchive functionality?