Hey guys! (maybe) A noob question here: I'm using...
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Hey guys! (maybe) A noob question here: I'm using Pulumi to set up an Azure VM and after the VM is up I'm using
to connect and execute a script on the machine. The issue is that sometimes the VM is not ready and causes an unexpected result in the first lines of the script. How can I test (in the script or using Pulumi) if the VM is ready?
I've never used pulumi, but I'm looking forward to transition to it from terraform. That said, I would suggest using a script that connects over ssh (assuming pulumi_command also uses ssh) and runs a consequenceless command, something to the effect of
ssh root@vm_ip echo "Ready"
But I don't know how you're supposed to implement this in pulumi. I'm guessing though that this is done through ssh anyway. I've also never used Azure, so I've no idea 😄