Hi, Is there any way of adding the project name as...
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Hi, Is there any way of adding the project name as a prefix for pulumi resource names? This will be useful to easily identify from the AWS console what project pertains to some resource.
I’m not aware of a way to do that without also giving up resource auto-naming. I typically use tags to help provide that sort of functionality, but I understand that’s not necessarily an ideal solution.
tags shoudl do the work ahaha thanks
then, is there any suggestion regarding resource naming? maybe, the best is to name the resource as the variable?
That’s a pretty common approach. You could also use something like
(sorry, I tend to use Go most of the time) to build some sort of prefix or such into the resource name.
Resource autonaming supports the namePrefix property on many resources.
But tags is a good way to go. This is why AWS classic had defaultTags added to the provider.