02/08/2023, 11:24 PM
Is there a way to suppress all of the C# warnings for the
commandline? I tried
, but that didn’t make any difference. running on ubuntu imagine this x100:
/home/runner/work/infrastructure/Local.cs(60,148): warning CS8620: Argument of type 'Output<string?>' cannot be used for parameter 'value' of type 'Output<string>' in 'void Dictionary<string, Output<string>>.Add(string key, Output<string> value)' due to differences in the nullability of reference types. [/home/runner/work/infrastructure/infrastructure.csproj]


02/09/2023, 10:06 AM
I don't think so, we don't pass any args down to "dotnet build" at the moment. Feel fee to raise an issue to further discuss this though, I can imagine other scenarios where it would be useful to set msbuild params so we could have a think about how to do that. Although generally warnings like that are either a bug in your code or our code though, so in this case probably worth being looked at rather than being ignored.