Is there a way to get/view update logs and preview...
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Is there a way to get/view update logs and preview logs with Pulumi CLI? With Git, for instance, I can use something like
git show 0551a51
to see information about commit ``0551a51` , or
git log
to see the list of commits. Is there something similar for Pulumi CLI?
Hi @jolly-byte-59465. Thanks for the answer. I don't think this is what
pulumi logs
It would be nice to have something like
pulumi show 1020
and it shows the stack update 1020, the same way we get when we actually issue the update.
The same way git versions your code, in way that you are able to query what was done in a specific commit, or which commits have touched a file.... It would be awesome to have Pulumi CLI able to query your stack: • What were the changes on update N? • Which updates have modified resource URN:....?