Hey everyone, <Truvity> is looking for a <Remote D...
# jobs
Hey everyone, Truvity is looking for a Remote DevOps/Infrastructure Developer (Go/Kubernetes): Job Description • Design and build applications for Kubernetes (Go); • Maintain SDLC of the project (CI/CD, release management, observability); • Maintain infrastructure for SDLC (AWS ACK, GitHub Actions); • Support and development Helm charts; • Maintain observability stack for application (Grafana, Prometheus, Loki, AWS X-Ray, OpenTelemetry); • Develop and maintain Kubernetes operators (Go); • Work closely with the product team. Stack: • AWS (DynamoDB, S3, KMS) • Go, Typescript (React), OpenAPI • Kubernetes, Helm, Docker • GitHub Qualifications • 5+ years experience in software development; • 3+ years experience, using Go; • 3+ years using Kubernetes; • 2+ years of experience, using clouds (AWS, GCP, etc.) • Understanding Kubernetes Primitives and Kubernetes Operators • Experience implementing helm charts and helm releases • Experience in application observability • Fluent English