I am using @pulumi/azure-native to create three di...
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I am using @pulumi/azure-native to create three different resources... a) VirtualNetwork, b) Subnet and c) VirtualNetworkPeering. I am not defining the subnet or peerings in the VirtualNetwork resource and they are rather three separate resources. It deploys fine, no issue. If I run another
pulumi up
after the successful deployment, Pulumi wants to update the VirtualNetwork resource to delete the subnet and peerings. Obviously, I dont want it to do that. This is strange behavior. How can I resolve it? Thanks!
i usually do a
pulumi preview --diff
and bake any of the changes its trying to make into my code. it does a lot of things behind the scenes if stuff isn’t explicitly defined. you can also go to the resource in Azure and look at the JSON view for the API version you’re using.
That shows the same diff as
pulumi up
. I have everything defined explicitly. I think what I might need here is to utilize
in the VirtualNetwork resource. I have never used `ignoreChanges' before and am having trouble declaring it.
ignoreChanges: ["subnets", "virtualNetworkPeerings"]
did the trick.
Its another learning lesson for me, I guess. TF would have had that behavior by default but with Pulumi, we have to tell it what to do and and know what it wants us to tell it. 😐
I ran across the same issue today. Ended up creating the subnet as a sub-property of the VNet instead of a separate subnet resource.
I do not prefer to do it that way, especially for peerings that have another side. The
worked perfectly. I was just surprised that it could not figure that out by default. I realize now that there is indeed power in being able to declare specifically what you want it to do.
@enough-caravan-98871 There is an open issue for this one https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-azure-native/issues/611 I had the same issue. Workaround is here: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-azure-native/issues/611#issuecomment-721490800 On my side i switched to classic for vnet and for subnet i used azure-native