02/17/2023, 7:07 AM
Hey guys, have an issue using the pulumi button using browser with bitbucket repo The CLI works fine when creating a new pulumi instance eg.
pulumi new <{organisation}/{repo}.git>
Issue arises when I add the above as the template value for browser capabilities
eg <{organisation}/{repo}.git>
I am currently setting up the README for the template to allow a user to generate a project in the pulumi service
Not sure if this is perhaps just due to the fact there is no support for bitbucket templates in the browser yet


02/19/2023, 1:57 PM
Hey Dominic, Sorry you're having trouble here. Two things: 1. We don't currently support private repositories via the new project wizard. Not sure if that applies in this case, but something to be aware of. 2. As you have suspected, currently this is only supported in the browser via github. The reason being that our frontend must request the
file from the VCS provider's raw file API (e.g.
) For (2) would you mind opening a feature request via I'm curious to learn more about how you're trying to use the new project wizard in general. We've had several requests to turn this into more of a service catalog where folks can share private templates across their organization, and customize the default options that show up.


02/20/2023, 6:25 AM
Hey Evan, so on the first point, it is a public repo. We want to setup a folder within our company to store templates for multiple language support depending on the project, someone could then just traverse to the repo and click the D*eploy with Pulumi* in the Readme file to get started with their preferred template. I think its a nicer feature than using the cli to get a local instance up. This way you creating the project in Pulumi service once off.