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02/20/2023, 12:05 PM
Hello, I am trying to enable Azures blobCSIDriver ( on a managed cluster in the azure.native ( package. However, I cannot figure out how to do so. Azures documentation uses the Azure CLI like so
az aks update --enable-blob-driver -n myAKSCluster -g myResourceGroup
which doesn't help much wrt. pulumi and I cannot find anything in the pulumi docs on how to do this for the azure.native package.
So after a bit more digging it seems that the az command internally just sets a storageProfile on the cluster like so
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"storageProfile": {
    "blobCsiDriver": {
      "enabled": true
    "diskCsiDriver": {
      "enabled": true
    "fileCsiDriver": {
      "enabled": true
    "snapshotController": {
      "enabled": true
There are many profile options available on the ManagedCluster resource like
, but no StorageProfile, so maybe it is just not supported?