# general


02/20/2023, 2:54 PM
Hi, I’m new to your ecosystem. I just wanted to say how amazing Pulumi is. I love what you all have done. As a software engineer who’s been writing highly efficient and effective on-prem “infrastructure as code” in Perl, Python and Go for about two decades now, I realize that I’ve been constantly building and rebuilding what you all have successfully formalized. Your strategy with the “Deployment Engine” is brilliant and the only thing that makes sense when automating infrastructure. The popularization of Ansible, Terraform, and other DSL-garbage has recently pushed me into trying to make those solutions fit into my latest endeavors, and I hate it. Thank you for this breath of fresh air, and for validating what I’ve known to be the right and only sensible way of doing automation all along. I hope that this message makes its way to at least some of the people involved in manifesting Pulumi, and I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to work with some of you in the future.