Hi community, Has anyone dealt with slow Snowflak...
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Hi community, Has anyone dealt with slow Snowflake table updates via pulumi? For instance, our database has around 300 tables where some tables have very many columns. Sometimes when we add new columns to these tables, the process may take a long time to complete (2 hours) or the process may ultimately time out. Some of these tables that take a long time have little to no records. Executing SQL commands to add new columns are instant, so we were wondering what could be the difference? I'm wondering if it's the number of tables that need to be updated concurrently that is the limiting factor. We're using
of pulumi/actions https://github.com/pulumi/actions/releases/tag/v4.0.0
I think I may have found the issue. Screenshot shows five spans. Each span refers to a table being updated. As you can see it's occurring synchronously. Is there a way to execute this update in parallel?